Mitchell Anderson
“A Culture of Growth”
While many theories of church growth talk about what you should do to reach new people, St. Paul’s United Church’s experience teaches that it is just as important why and how you pursue growth. Built on decades of innovation and experimentation, God has blessed St. Paul’s with rapid growth through a culture that emphasizes mission results not membership privilege, an appetite for risk, and governance and culture that enable agility.

Mitchell Anderson has been lead minister at St. Paul’s United Church in Saskatoon since 2020, during which time God has blessed the congregation with transformational growth. He also serves on the Executive of the General Council and as a trustee of the United Church pension plan. Outside of the church, Mitchell uses his MBA to work at the intersection of finance and social impact in governing and advising organizations working for change.

    Lynne Gardiner
    “Where everyone knows your name: Reclaiming the local congregation as a third place in the community”
    Third place theory (Oldenburg, 1989) is a concept that describes places where people spend time between home and work where they can relax, socialize and build relationships.  The purpose of this workshop is to explore ways in order to reclaim the local congregation as a third place in the community.

    Lynne Gardiner is a deeply committed rural Ordained Minister, Called to Bethel United Church in Rideau Ferry, Ontario.

      Greg Smith-Young
      “Strengthen Invitation: The United Church’s Growth Plan”
      What is the United Church’s growth initiative about? What might growth look like? How can we humbly and confidently shar our faith, inviting our neighbours into the life of Christ? What might renewed and new communities of faith look like? Let’s explore together what this can mean for you and your congregation.

      Greg Smith-Young is a Growth Animator serving regions in southwest Ontario. He lives in Elora.

        Paul Sales
        ``Then Let Us SING! / Ensemble, chantons! — Exploring Its Theo-Ethical Framework``
        This fall, The United Church of Canada is launching its new digital music and worship resource, Then Let Us Sing! / Ensemble, chantons!, which includes nearly 200 new hymns and songs along with most hymns from our current hymnals. At the outset of the project, a Theo-Ethical Framework was developed to guide the selection process. Come and sing with me as we discuss, through the lens of the Framework, the “whys” behind the selection of several of the new songs.

        Paul Sales is a member of the Editorial Board and Marketing & Animation Sub-Committee of Then Let Us Sing!/Ensemble, chantons!—the United Church’s new digital music resource—and a former Music Editor of Gathering magazine.