Theme Speakers

Theme Speakers
Bruce Myers
1. Living Up to the Name: Being United and Ecumenical Today
2. Learning from (and with) Each Other as We Seek to Be the Church

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby once observed that, “Ecumenism is not an extra that one can fit in because it’s an interesting occupation. It is the oxygen of mission and evangelism.” However, sometimes it might seem like the air of Christian unity has gotten a bit stale since the ecumenical movement’s heyday in the twentieth century. Can we pry open the church’s doors and windows and get a fresh, oxygen-rich ecumenical breeze going again? Bishop Bruce Myers will try—offering biblical and theological underpinnings, anecdotes from the church’s life and work, and practical ecumenical suggestions that can be applied right now.

Born and raised in the Ottawa Valley, Bruce Myers has been the Anglican bishop of Quebec since 2017. Before that he served as the Anglican Church of Canada’s coordinator for ecumenical and interfaith relations, and before that in congregational ministry in rural and urban contexts. Before his ordination he was a broadcast journalist.

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