Workshop 1

The Right Rev. Dr. Richard Bott

Lean On Me

The pandemic has made clear something known for a long time – ministry personnel can’t do everything we’re called to, by ourselves. This workshop will explore ways of building ministerial support communities – of growing “collegial caring.”

Richard Bott is the Moderator of The United Church of Canada. Prior to this ministry, he served with communities of faith in rural Ontario and urban BC, in both solo and team settings. He has long had a keen interest in finding ways of faithfully responding to the lived stress of clergy.

Workshop 2

Rev. Dr. Greg Brawn

Championing God’s Blessings

This workshop will focus on how ministers and lay people can effectively communicate God’s blessings both inside and outside the congregation, resulting in many types of growth. Byron United Church in London, Ontario is an example of a congregation with increasing attendance, membership, finances, volunteers, community service, and refugee sponsorships as God’s blessings are being championed effectively.

Rev. Dr. Greg Brawn graduated from QTC and was ordained in 1998. He has ministered in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Ontario. Greg has a D.Min. in Preaching and he’s passionate about building communities of holy joy, faith, and love.

Workshop 3

Dr. Sara Stratton

From Reconciliation to Reparation

The summer of 2021 was a time of truth-telling for Indigenous peoples, as the reality of more than a thousand unmarked burial sites on residential school properties was shared. What does this mean for “reconciliation”? How should non-Indigenous communities and people of The United Church respond? In this workshop we’ll explore the path from reconciliation to reparation, and how it can transform us.

Sara Stratton is Reconciliation and Indigenous Justice Animator at the General Council Office. She is a settler whose family has 300 years of history in northwestern Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland. Sara is an historian by training and a birdwatcher by avocation.”